Christian Musings


I have known quite a number of abrupt moments in my life. None were pleasant, because they had more to do with what life took from me or I allowed life to take from me.

As a child I was unceremoniously reminded that I wouldn’t see my grandma on this side of heaven again. I would just suddenly start to cry and that happened for a few years until I learnt to live with it.

After that, other losses I had, were unexpected and very sudden. So sudden that I’m still reeling from them.

I have yet to get my balance as life keeps moving forward. Nothing waits for one to grieve, but one must grieve properly. Otherwise, one will be walking around with this huge hurts lodged deep within one’s soul like a tumour. And tumours grow and press on surrounding nerves; causing a stress or strain on those nerves — that’s if the tumour is left unchecked.

I. . . just wish for pleasant abrupt surprises, because I have had enough of the unpleasant. It is well 🦋

Shalom 🌴🌿

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