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Concealed Deceptions

Anytime I encounter the word ‘vague’, what comes to mind is a cleverly concealed deception, by saying or showing less of the truth to missile someone.

Hello beautiful people!🌻 I don’t know how your day started, but mine was quite an interesting start.

As I tried turning up the wicker of the stove, to light it for breakfast, the stove parts decided to unravel, one after the other. 

I became a little more awake than I was when I entered the kitchen. I was like ‘whaaa….?’ Why did this happen now?’ 

I subconsciously prayed for help and with God’s help, I put the stove back to working order. 

It was very vague of the stove, to treat me in that manner. It worked just find the last time I used it, which was late afternoon, the day before. But the good that came out of this morning’s little stove drama is that, I got another confirmation that I’m technical by nature. I felt so satisfied and so capable, that I have forgiven the vague stove, for trying to do me in. Someone would have gotten to work late or gone without breakfast, but mercy said no.

At least now I know a thing or two about the mechanism of my family’s stove and how it can be fixed. Yay.πŸŽ†

I have had quite a number of vague moment, events and occurrences in my life. And I find them very annoying and frustrating. 

I have strayed and wandered from something I ought to pay full attention to. But I get bored and restless after hours of doing something, none stop. 

I’m trying to be more settled, definite and distinct in my thoughts, deeds and approach. But in my defense, that is a bit much to ask of a sanguine. We can’t just sit still, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it if we try.😳

Up till this moment, I have always looked at vagueness from the point of someone deliberately being ‘shadowy‘ with me. I didn’t see nor realise I was also being vague to myself. Like someone once said, ‘Half truth is more devastating than a complete lie.’ When I looked up what vague means, I realised I have contributed to whatever vagueness I was experiencing. 

When I read the words: to wander, to roam, to stray; in the definition of vague; I asked myself, ‘How many times have I wandered, roamed or strayed from the Truth, my truth, my true calling and purpose?’ 

Sometimes staying determined can make one weary and wear at one’s clarity, when doubt creeps in, especially when nothing seems to change, despite all the efforts.

So sometimes before I get overwhelmed with doubting the cause I’m determined to stay on, I ‘go on a break’ which may not be completely different from straying. 

One needs to go on breaks, no doubt, but the real question is ‘why’? Am I going on a break because I need to be refreshed to continue; or am I going on a break because I don’t believe in what I’m doing?

I want to stop hurting me and start working towards my complete healing, by not lying to me anymore.

Avoiding the truth, is lying to one’s self. And I want to stop insulting my own intelligence. So help me God!


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