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An Emperor and His Princess Oueen.

Hello Everyone! I don’t know what the weather is, in your side of the globe, but there’s a slight flood in front of my compound, that I’m not in the mood to wade through.

It’s still raining, but slightly. I’m determined to go out as planned. So I’m hoping by the time I finish this post, the flood will have receded. If not, then I wade through.

The good thing about being self employed, is that you own at least, about 60% of your time. And so, your schedule is so flexible, you can belly/break dance with it.

Well, I thought about two things to write about.

But in my last post, I wrote about binging on a TV series. And I said I will write about it. I guess today is the day for it.

Now the title is Jodha Akbar. There’s the movie and there’s the series. The movie came before the series.

Both have similarities but there are lots of differences. The series seemed more ‘realistic’ than the movie. But the movie is more romantic.

It’s based on true story that was part of the Indian history. A marriage between a Muslim conqueror Emperor and a reluctant fiery Hindu princess. Two different religions and cultures. The struggle to maintain each other’s identity. The compromises made as hate gave way to love, admist oppositions, conspiracy, and attempted murder(s). The birth of a new empire. 

Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

I think the reason Jodha Akbar entrails me is because, the marriage was a political compromise. They had chemistry, yes, but their differences kept them blinded to their true feelings. 

In the series, the way they kept saying they hated each other, was a sign that they needed to convince themselves. I found it funny sometimes. 

How can you explain someone who starts to cry, because her husband that she ‘hates’ told her he married her because he hated her? I thought that should make her happy, because she had earlier said she wanted her husband to hate her. Sooo… Who were they trying to fool? 

The emperor on the other hand enjoys teasing/taunting her to anger. Maybe she looks more beautiful to him when she’s angry. I would like to think she has a sense of humor, but she doesn’t seem to find humour in her husband’s constant tauntings, because they are quite funny.

At one point her younger sister scolded her, for taking her husband’s words too seriously. She said, ‘Jodhaa, you’re too much! Can’t you see brother-in-law is only teasing you?’ Everyone except her and her husband, saw that the man loves her.

He could have been cruel to her or she could have been deliberately naughty; but he does not ‘punish’ her like anyone would expect. Much to the hot anger and jealousy of the control freaks around the emperor. His idea of punishing her could range from asking her to sing to him or sleep in his room. Sounds rather reasonable but he knows this would make her uncomfortable, because they hadn’t consummated the marriage. She refused him. 

I think she was much too proud for her saree and determined to keep hating her husband, because the man allowed her to get away with so many things that no one dared to do. He defends her most of the time, does elaborate emperor size favours for her. I don’t know what she wants.

It was one heck of a stormy relationship, but events kept forcing them to put down their guard and realise how much they really mean to each other.

I have always loved to watch or read about a growing love story of, or between high profile personalities. 

One of the lessons I took away from the story so far, is that; pride is a destroyer of relationship. 

Why? Because pride prevents honest communication. Heck, it obstructs communication. Where there’s is no honesty in expression, no communication; what happens is constant clashes, misunderstandings, strive, saying and doing unnecessary hurtful things to hide true feelings. Sounds rather exhausting to me.

Well, that’s my take for now.


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