Christian Musings

Wrinkle the Wrinkles

It’s amazing, how you can use a wrinkle (an ingenious method), to solve a wrinkle (a minor difficulty)! Isn’t that resourceful?!

Hello again beautiful people!🎆 I hope your weekend is going well. I need to hurry with this post, so I can get prepared to go grocery shopping. And I have to do some trekking. Oh well. Walking is supposed to be good exercise — not my favourite exercise but I will try to enjoy it. And since it’s still morning, maybe I can load up on some Vitamin D and hopefully without the harmful sun rays.

So I decided to explore the full meaning of ‘wrinkle’, and I got some interesting insights.

A wrinkle is also a difficulty, albeit in the minor. So we might not have skin wrinkles, but there can be wrinkles of the soul (emotional inadequacies); wrinkles in the spirit (less connection and fellowship with God, struggle with faith and purpose); there could be financial wrinkles (struggling to make ends meet or poor spending habits); marital wrinkles (not able to communicate with or accomodate your spouse, lack of understanding in one aspect or the other); career wrinkle (unable to have a healthy grip of competition, colleagues and superiors in the work place).

Whatever and wherever our wrinkles may be, the good news is that there’s a solution, that could even be found in the problem.  We have to be willing to think outside the box. Talk to others, sample opinions, study the problem, gain knowledge and understanding of the wrinkle in other to gain a inventive and skilled method to smooth out the crease of any situation.

Knowledge is power. Understanding how to apply knowledge is also key to avoiding unnecessary stress and difficulties. Prayer is however the master key 🔑. Use it always. It helps smooth out rumpled situations better. It is well. 😊

Shalom. 🎊


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