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Someone once said women are incubators, because they multiply what you give them. If you give a woman groceries she gives you a meal. However, if you give a woman trouble/stress, she will give you hell! 😄

Post meridian salutations to you all!  (as one of my favourite radio drama characters would say😊). Earlier I went grocery 🛍 shopping, and though there was a slight chance of ☔ rain; I’m glad I wasn’t drenched in it or stranded by it, when it did decide to ☔ rain. It would have been a mess, looking like an angry wet cat, toting equally drenched groceries. Now I’m in the kitchen making a meal out of some of the groceries. Haha.

I’m 😴 sleepy, but the drive to share my thoughts wouldn’t allow me relax, until I have fairly exhausted the topic. So here we come, I think.

Incubation is an interesting process that keeps warm and safe a living pre-mature 👶 baby — human or animal — while it thrives, grows and matures to the point where it can survive on the outside. Then it’s released to the outside world to slug it out and live, like the rest of us.

If the pre-mature babies are left to open air when they are not fully formed to withstand it, their chance of survival will reduce.

So also are we in different stages of our lives. I’m thinking each stage of our lives are incubators maturing us for the next stage. If we are too impatient and are not fully formed for a stage before occupying it, we risk getting deformed — that won’t be our potion, in Jesus Christ name.

Ideas also need to go through the incubation stage before they are hatched. Life might be a race, but it isn’t a competition, because the race is personal and our life purpose differs. Your finish line is different from mine or that of the other person, therefore comparing one to another is not wise.

Knowing your purpose and focusing on our own race helps build patience, character, personality, courage, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Learn as much as you can anywhere you find yourself, even if it is far from your expectations. Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going. Time spent will be more pleasant that way.

Incubate is an action word. The definition I found says, ‘grow under conditions that promote development.’

It also says, ‘sit on, cover.’

What is that thing we are so impatient to uncover, before it fully develops? We may bemoan the conditions we are in, but if we look closely enough, do they promote our development? That is, have we learnt more, experienced growth while under whatever conditions we may be? Have the changes in our lives been more positive than negative?

If our answers are ‘yes’, then perhaps we should ‘sit on it’ and patiently absorb the best of that situation, until we are well formed and matured for the next stage of our lives. We may not even know what that stage might be, or be wrong in our assumptions of what the next stage must be. This lack of knowledge or wrong assumption could also be a sign of our unreadiness for our next stage or season of life. But I believe when we eventually get to the next stage of our life, all we have learnt and endured will become useful in our proper/correct function at the new stage. And we would be thankful, we waited.

Shalom. 💜


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