Christian Musings


I have always attached ‘captivating’ to one of the attributes of a woman. Other things could very well be fascinating, but not as captivating as a woman.

From time memorial, women have always been captivating. Everything a woman does attracts attention, without her trying or meaning to.

Women are fascinatingly different in their approach towards life. Probably because of a her way of using different types of methods to handle a singular issue.

A woman appears delicate but she’s also strong. She may be emotional but she can make intelligent decisions.

A woman is influential whether she’s the cleaner or the chairperson of a board. Because she puts her heart in what she’s doing.

She need not look sexy. Being her original womanly self, is more than enough. Because she’s captivating.

💎Happy International Women’s Day in arrears. 💞🦋


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