Christian Musings

Word Prompt: Sympathy.

Sympathy is understanding another’s pain, suffering or hurt by mentally walking in their shoes to have an inkling or feel what another might be going through.

Sympathy demands a level of selflessness, that is, thinking of another and understanding with the desire to help better. 

If someone has just lost a loved one for instance, true sympathy means you imagine, ‘How would someone assist me the most, if I was this greiving person’. This may differ from person to person.

For some they want to be left alone with no mention of the lost person, until they feel up to talking about it. 

For some they want the freedom to grieve their dearly departed as it comes to them. That is, they don’t need people telling them to be ‘strong’, ‘stop crying’ or anything that means ‘hold it together’.

For some they need someone that can truly greive with them. Preferably someone who also loved and knew the dearly departed, so that they can share memories.

No matter how a hurting person needs to be comforted and healed. There are few things you can do that shows you sympathize.

  1. Just be there for them and say as little as possible until and unless you are prompted to. Sometimes comfortable silent company is what is needed until they open up, which brings me to the next point.
  2. Listening to understand and not listening to respond. Listen to them when they decide to speak and you can glean information on how you can help them further.
  3. While listening if you notice there’s something they need done but are too hurt or weak to do, you can have it done for them. Or run those errands with them. Most times this things seem so small — like picking up the mail — but hold great significance for them.

Apparently sympathy is an action word and not half-hearted platitudes said to sound courteous and socially correct.

Sympathy is an act of service, caring and love, therefore it’s a commitment, to walk through a situation with someone until they need to stand on their own.

Sympathy is being someone’s  shoulder to lean on. To be someone’s angel, activist and soldier.

It’s a responsibility and act of being your brother/sister’s keeper. Interceding for someone in prayer will also go a long way. Especially when you can’t be physically there for someone, your spiritual presence matter — even more.

What a better world would it be if everyone can take sympathy as an action word!

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