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Daily Prompt: Creature

viaDaily Prompt: Creature

Hello Everyone who might see this and hi! I hope I got this Daily Prompt business, right this time. If not, there’s always next time, by God’s grace. Already wrote about word prompts that I probably didn’t know how to ‘pingback’, so if hopefully you are curious enough to read what I wrote, please check out my blog site.

Thank you.😊

Alright! Creature! First thoughts on my mind was: something created by God in a general all inclusive sense of the word; created by God, has a different mysterious form, with life and ability to move and do something of immense intelligence. Sounds a bit like suddenly discovering that a robot can do something on it’s own — besides crashing of course — without being prompted or instructed to do it. 

Hmmm. Me thinks, we humans are also creatures. We are always prompted by something or someone — even if it’s ourselves.

The ‘something’ could be emotions, feelings, events, situations or circumstances that prompts or propels us to take certain actions.

💡 Prompt is a word used to describe what I’m writing about. That is, I’m prompted to write about this word even though I have other things I planned to write about. It could be what I’m supposed to write about that made me succumb to the prompt. It could be the benefits I thought I might get for writing about this, instead of writing about what’s on my mind.

In many ways we all succumb to something maybe good or bad. And we don’t always know which is which. But being humane and being in tune with our conscience, can help us move beyond the semi-robotic, to conscious deliberation. 

 I read something quite disturbing in the one of the Dictionary definitions of Creature. Creature: A person who is controlled by others and is used to perform unpleasant or dishonest tasks for someone else; tool; puppet. What?! That is crazy. 

I suppose we are called human beings for a reason, because, well, we can reason. A creature is not always responsible for their behavior because more often than not, they are controlled, used. 

Questions we all need to answer with all honesty are:

  1. Who or what is controlling us? 
  2. Are we being used? Why? And for what purpose?
  3. Are we comfortable with being used — even if it’s for something right for you and everyone concerned?
  4. If we aren’t comfortable with being used, what do we as individuals plan to do about it? 

I know I am being propelled by something. But I get to choose what and who propels me. I have handed control of my life to Jehovah God and righteousness is my propellant. I know I’m to be used for something, but good news is I get to choose what I will be useful for. I choose to be useful to God and humanity. Its either that or be used for evil or useful for nothing. It’s can be a battle though. Because people can be controlled to control others. They can also be propelled to control others. 

The difference we have over other creatures is our humane nature, conscience, and our power to choose. Our humanity should make us sympathetic to other people’s situations. Our conscience helps us do what is right — our inner conviction of what is right. Now our choice: What do we do with our sympathy of others and what we know is the right thing to do? 

Do we choose to do the right thing in a humane and sympathetic manner — and not allow other people to control our choices?

Or do you want to remain a creature? The choice is yours. 


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