Christian Musings

Word Prompt: Inkling.

A 🌟 pleasant day to you all. I’m fine thanks for asking.😊 And you? I have always had inklings. Actually I think it’s a woman’s thing, to have inklings. I believe inkling means : To have a sense of something; perception; a subconscious knowing.

It could also mean having an idea  πŸ’‘ of something not yet in the present or not yet of common knowledge. A ‘sixth’ sense.

Women have always had a sixth sense about ‘something’ or the other. Most don’t voice it out, because it usually sounds unusual and illogical. But then again inklings are not meant to be logical, because they are premonitions, what we call “prophecies” in Christianity. 

There’s nothing logical about a premonition and mostly people who are brave enough to put a voice to their inklings are termed ‘mad’ or ‘freakish’. Therefore only the so-called superstitious, pay attention to them. And even the superstitious don’t always listen — to their own detriment, more often not — like Julius Caesar. 

Because inklings are seen as foolish and the result of being too ‘spiritual’, people tend to ignore their own inklings. It helps extremely sensitive people not to be too shocked of happenings around them, because they have seen them coming. 

Inklings are to be cherished and not despised if you have them. It’s a gift of God actually, that could also help you be a better leader and follower. 

I wish Julius Caesar had listened to his wife. She had a premonition, an inkling of the end of her husband. She investigated further and found that her inkling was something that was really going to happen, and her husband believed her. That was until those who knew his weakness, used it to lead him to his death. Julius Caesar and his wife made a good team: He was superstitious, his wife had a spiritual ability that she probably developed from her inklings. 

Of course to be spiritual means you have to believe in God and that seems to be something that could earn you — what Regency English would call — the cut direct, if you have an unhealthy care for people’s opinion.

Whether we like it or not; whether we know it or not; whether we want to admit it or not; we are all spiritual beings, with the body as our mobile home. Your mobile home does need a driver, does it not?  Therefore your spirit is the driver of your body and once the spirit leaves, the body becomes immobile and ceases it’s function.

So you want to ask yourself: Where would my spirit go when it leaves my body? Back to it’s Maker to give account on how and what it used it’s  mobile home for. 

So I urge you to find your Maker, Creator and God, and make amends with Him. His word says, ‘Come let us reason together… ‘ God wants to have a relationship with you. It’s time to stop pushing Him away and draw closer to Him. I can assure you it’s worth is precious and priceless. Just say,  ‘God I read or heard you are real, show Yourself to me that I may know You.’ 



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