Christian Musings

Word Prompt: Inscrutable.

Hello-o.  Hope I got the Word Prompt right.

I wasn’t familiar with the word so I checked the Dictionary. It says,’ of  an obscure nature; cryptic; deep; mysterious; mystifying.

I would work on Deep and Mysterious. 

We are all deep and mysterious in our own ways. Often we don’t know how deep we are until we delve into the mysteries of our personality or life takes us there.

Most times we don’t want to go deep into anything, because we think it’s serious stuff. Most don’t like ‘serious’. If it goes below the surface especially feelings and emotions, we shy away.

But we need to connect with the mysterious depth of our being to find our reason for living. It’s were we can find fulfillment and the solution we are meant to be.

Life itself is inscrutable — deep and mysterious. So if we want live a deliberate life that is not a series of coincidences, then we must stop denying our nature, that our light may shine 🔆 for the world to see.


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