Why Singles are Still “Single”. Part 4

He-lloooo beautiful people. Welcome! It’s another Friday in the 2018! Friday is a pretty hard day for most singles, because weekend is enjoyable when you have a social life and someone to share it with.

You don’t feel lonely throughout the week because there’s your career to keep you busy. However, with the weekend comes mixed feelings. On one hand, you need your rest after a busy week, so you can recharge for a new week. On the other hand, the peace and quite of your home, could leave you lonely, bored and restless — even when you are tired. *signs*

I can empathise. I thank God for Friday, but not for the reason everyone else seems to be TGIF-ing. Because I have less people to interact with during the weekend. So what I do is buy myself ‘comfort’ food. Watch an interesting movie, when I get home. Then try to sleep.

What I tell myself, is that marriage is not the solution to loneliness. Because a spouse cannot be with you 24/7. So we might as well learn how to cope with loneliness. Besides, I can’t make a lifetime decision based on loneliness that only lasts for a few days. 

The solution to loneliness is having a social life. A healthy social life. A life outside your career, even if it’s on social media. Be careful not be exclusive to the opposite gender. If the opposite gender has to be involved, it has to be in a group. Think of something you might enjoy doing, even if you have to take an aptitude test, to know.

 You can build a social life around your hobbies. What do I mean. If you have a sport interest for instance, join a sports club. If you are an avid reader, join a book club in your local library. If there’s something you like to learn, like crafts, cooking, dancing then sign up for classes. If any of this places make you feel uncomfortable, then search for one you can feel at home, let your hair down and be/discover more of yourself. I recommend praying for divine direction before embarking on this type of endeavor. You don’t want to find yourself joining a camouflage for something terrible. If you know what I mean.

You could also be a volunteer for NGOs in your area of interest. You could sign up for mentoring adolescents, teens and young adults. I’m sure by now you can come up with other bright ideas. You are not and shouldn’t be all career and wannabe spouse alone. Just go out there and happen to life. When you happen to life positively, the positive things of life will happen to you. 

My point is this. The reason some of us are still single is because, we have hidden, undiscovered precious gems of talent, that are yet to be mined and used for the service of God and humanity. Some will only meet ‘the one’ while applying their talents in the place of selfless service. Besides selfless service takes your mind off marriage, or whatever else that might be bothering you, because you will be enjoying yourself. Let’s not bury our talents. Take them up, and make good use of them. It is well. Shalom🍇

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