Why Singles are Still “Single” 2

Hello again! And welcome! How’s been your day? Not too crazy, I hope. So yesterday, I started with a hot controversial topic on why there seems to be a lot of singles, who are yet to find or be found by “the one”. 

 This is one issue that has sub-issues to it. One of them might be peer and environmental factors. If you want an Ivy league kind of person (only few don’t), and your environment has the opposite of those, then you might want to consider changing your environment to Ivy league ville.

Of course, you want to ask yourself, “ If I was ivy league, would I want to marry me? Why?” Now this isn’t to make you feel unworthy, but to make sure you are actually up to the task. Be the kind of person an ivy league or whatever type of person you want will want to marry.

Again, you want to ask yourself why you want a potential spouse to have your requirements, keeping in mind that the more of others you require, the more of yourself you have to give.

Which brings me to the next question, “What do I have to offer?” This is like been self aware or discovering the gift you are. When you humbly recognise your worth, then it gives you more confidence to hold your own and not be intimidated when you someone who seems way out of your league is interested in you!

Are you REALLY ready for a relationship? And why not?!” Questions you need to answer to yourself. You don’t want to get into a relationship only to discover, you only like the  idea of a relationship or having one, just for appearances sake. You will end up not only wasting the other person’s time, but hurting them as well. And as matured people, we need to master the art of doing to others, only what we want done to us. Karma is not a myth.

With these questions, you ought to be more busy checking your life and evaluating the hows, whys, whats of your believe system and orientation. That way, you can decide whether its time for an external and internal renovation, as well as a reorientation.

Alright. Till next time,  stay rapturable. Shalom!

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