Why Singles are still “Single”. Series🤔

Hello Beautiful People🌻How’s everyone doing? I hope Monday was not too much shock for you. If it was, don’t worry. You will survive.😊

So this evening, I tuned in to one of my favourite radio show. And the topic — as with any topic that has to do with romance, relationship and marriage, I found it more than interesting — was about how hard it was for a single woman to find a good man.

Well, I found myself a nice chair, put my feet up, and listened to people calling in — it’s a live show. As always the men were always quick to go on the defensive and point fingers back at the women (why do men always do that!).

I called in too and I’m going to try repeating what I said.

It’s like the good women and the not-so-good men are stuck together on an island. On another island there are the good men stuck with the not-so-good women. It will seem like the bridge between both islands is either broken or non-existent. So every which way the good man/woman turns for a romantic relationship they end up getting burnt all the time. Leaving them with the impression that the good ones in the opposite gender have gone extinct!

Not very encouraging, I know. But my solution to this is prayer, enquiry prayers. If you try doing this yourself, good luck with that (you are going to need it.) If people have great marriages based on their level of intelligence and exposure, I don’t think divorce lawyers will have a job, because hardly anyone is not intelligent. Just saying.

Giving the matter to God is prayer brings you much closer to the perfect spouse for you, than when you try doing it yourself.

Did I say perfect? Yes I did! Perfection is relative. That someone is perfect for you or you to someone, doesn’t mean they will be perfect for everyone else. Because, well, yours is not meant for others and vice-versa.

I will stop here for now, to continue later. Have a restful evening and a productive tomorrow. Shalom😊

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